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Wednesday – March 7, 2018
12:00 Opening of the conference office / registration
13:00 Opening
Welcome by the President of the University of Ulm: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Weber

Kruijff G.-J.

Nuance Communications Aachen

The Mobile Cognitive Assistant: Bridging the Gap Between In-Car and Outside-the-Car Experiences

Session: Signal Processing [Session Chair: G. Schmidt]

Bulling, P. ; Linhard, K. ; Wolf, A. ; Schmidt, G.

Daimler AG, Kiel University

Automatic Equalization for In-Car Communication Systems


Gimm, M. ; Bulling, P. ; Schmidt, G.

Kiel University, Daimler AG

Energy-Decay Based Postfilter for ICC Systems with Feedback Cancellation


Mnasri, Z. ; Amiri, H.

University Tunis El Manar

On the relationship between instantaneous frequency and pitch in speech signals

15:10 Coffee
Session: Speech Recognition [Session Chair: R. Hoffmann]

Müller, M. ; Stüker, S. ; Waibel, A.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Enhancing Multilingual Graphemic RNN based ASR Systems using Phone Information


Fischer, V. ; Ghahabi, O. ; Kunzmann, S.

EML GmbH Heidelberg

Recent Improvements to Neural Network Based Acoustic Modeling in The EML Real-Time Transcription Platform


Li, X. ; Pan, Y. ; Willett, D. ; Zhan, P.

Nuance Communications Inc.

DNN Online Adaptation for Automatic Speech Recognition


Höge, H.

Universität der Bundeswehr München

Using Elementary Articulatory Gestures as Phonetic Units for Speech Recognition

Poster Session [Session Chair: K. Fellbaum]
16:50 Liste der Posterpräsentationen
18:00 Welcome Reception
20:00 Meeting of the support association


Thursday – March 8, 2018
Keynote [Session Chair: J. Trouvain]

McTear, M.

University of Ulster

Conversation modelling for chatbots: current approaches and future directions

Session: Speech Processing and Prosody [Session Chair: J. Trouvain]

Weiss, B. ; Michael, T. ; Hillmann, S.

TU Berlin

Kontinuierliche Schätzung von Sprechgeschwindigkeit mit einem Rekurrenten Neuronalen Netzwerk


Kisler, T. ; Schiel, F.

LMU Munich

Towards a speaker localization from spontaneous speech: North-South classification for speakers of contemporary German

10:30 Coffee
Session: Affective Speech [Session Chair: A. Wendemuth]

Lotz, A. ; Faller, F. ; Siegert, I. ; Wendemuth, A.

University of Magdeburg

Emotion recognition from disturbed speech – towards affectice computing in real-world in-car environments


Höbel-Müller, J. ; Böck, R. ; Wendemuth, A.

University of Magdeburg

The Effect of Emotional Speech on Relative Speaker Discrimination


Jokisch, O. ; Iaroshenko, V. ; Maruschke, M. ; Ding, H.

HfT Leipzig, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Influence of Age, Gender and Sample Duration on the Charisma Assessment of German Speakers


Lewandowski, N. ; Duran, D.

University of Stuttgart

Testing speech perception today and tomorrow: serious computer games as perception tests

12:10 Lunch & Demo Session
List of demos
Keynote [Session Chair: B. Weiss]

Schwenker, F.

Ulm University

Artificial deep neural networks for multimodal emotion recognition

Session: Speech Dialog [Session Chair: B. Weiss]

Böck, R. ; Egorow, O. ; Wendemuth, A.

University of Magdeburg

Acoustic Detection of consecutive stages of spoken interaction based on speaker-group specific features


Kraljevski, I. ; Fischer, M. ; Gjoreski, A. ; Hirschfeld, D.

voice INTER connect GmbH Dresden

Development of a natural language speech dialogue system for an AR-based, adaptive mobility agent


Reichel, U. D. ; Lendvai, P.

LMU Munich, University of Göttingen

Dodging the question of competitive spoken dialogs: semantic and prosodic characteristics

15:40 Coffee
Keynote [Session Chair: P. Birkholz]

Ultes, S.

Cambridge University

Towards Natural Spoken Interaction with Artificial Intelligent Systems

18:15 City Tour [Stadthaus Ulm, Münsterplatz 50]
19:30 Conference Dinner [Barfüßer Hausbrauerei Neu-Ulm, Paulstraße 4]


Friday – March 9, 2018
Keynote [Session Chair: M. Wolff]

Schmidt, G.

Kiel University

In-Car (Voice) Communication: Problems, Solutions, and Challenges

Session: Signal Processing in Health and Music [Session Chair: M. Wolff]

Kroschel, K. ; Metzler, J.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Contactless Measurement of the Respiration Frequency by Vibrometry


Wagner, C. ; Stone, S. ; Birkholz, P.

TU Dresden

Towards combined force and distance sensing using only optical sensors to aid in stroke rehabilitation


Steiner, P. ; Stone, S. ; Birkholz, P.

TU Dresden

Piano Transcriber – A note-based approach for Multi-Pitch-Tracking

10:50 Coffee
Session: Speech Synthesis [Session Chair: B. Möbius]

Trouvain, J. ; Möbius, B.

Saarland University, Saarbrücken

Zu Mustern der Pausengestaltung in natürlicher und synthetischer Lesesprache


Burkhardt, F. ; Steinhilber, A. ; Weiss, B.

Deutsche Telekom

Ironic Speech – Evaluating Acoustic Correlates by Means of Speech Synthesis


Howard, I. S. ; Birkholz, P.

University of Plymouth, TU Dresden

Using State Feedback to control an articulatory synthesizer


Marwitz, J. A. ; Stone, S. ; Birkholz, P.

TU Dresden

Optimierung der Numerik eines linearen Gleichungssystems für die Simulation des Schallfeldes im Vokaltrakt

12:30 Closing word by the organizer of the 30th ESSV


Poster Session (Wednesday – 16:50)

Sautter, J. ; Faubel, F. ; Buck, M. ; Schmidt, G.

Nuance Communications Deutschland GmbH, Kiel University

Evaluation of different excitation generation algorithms for artificial bandwith extension

Harding, P. ; Gibson M.

Nuance Communications Ltd. UK

Unsupervised Neural-Network based vocal tract length normalization

Gibson, M. ; Plahl, C. ; Zhan, P. ; Cook, G.

Nuance Communications Inc.

Multi-condition Deep Neural Network Training

Ghahabi, O. ; Zhou, W. ; Fischer, V.

EML GmbH Heidelberg

A Robust Voice Activity Detection for Real-Time Automatic Speech Recognition

Stille, C. ; Kröger, B. J.

RWTH Aachen University

Zeichensatz-Erweiterung zur phonetischen Transkription pathologischer Sprache

Ding, H. ; Hoffmann, R. ; Jokisch, O.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, TU Dresden

Voice Preference in German: A Cross-linguistic Comparison of Native and Chinese Listeners

Siegert, I. ; Shuran, T. ; Lotz, A. F.

University of Magdeburg

Acoustic Addressee-Detection – Analysing the impact of age, gender and technical knowledge

Landesberger, J. ; Kornmüller, D. ; Ehrlich, U.

Daimler AG

Explorative Untersuchung von Multi-Intents in Sprachdialogsystemen

Beim Graben, P. ; Huber, M. ; Römer, R. ; Schmitt, I.

BTU Cottbus

Der Fockraum als Labyrinth: Wissensrepräsentation und Problemlösungen am Beispiel des Mouse-Maze-Problems

Manthey, R. ; Hussein, H. ; Erler, R. ; Siegel, R. ; Kowerko, D.

Chemnitz University of Technology, FU Berlin

Realisation of an audio & video laboratory for precise object localization and tracking

Schmidt, M. ; Braunger, P.

Daimler AG

Towards a Speaking Style-Adaptive Assistant for Task-Oriented Applications

Hillmann, S. ; Weiss, B. ; Michael, T. ; Möller, S.

TU Berlin

Simulation von Nutzerverhalten bei der Interaktion mit Sprachdialogsystemen mittels Künstlicher Neuronaler Netzwerke

Duran, D. ; Lewandowski, N.

University of Stuttgart

Untersuchung der kognitiven Beanspruchung durch Sprachassistenzsysteme

Huber, M. ; Römer, R.

BTU Cottbus

Agenten in höheren Sphären – Quantenmechanische Situationsmodellierung kognitiver Systeme am Beispiel des Mouse-Maze-Problems

Demo Session (Thursday – 12:30)

Villemure J. ; Yeh, P. ; Policano, R. ; Kaisser, M. ; Gruhn R.

Nuance Communications Inc.

The Dragon Drive Innovation Showcase: Advancing the state-of-the-art in automotive assistants

Sowa, T. ; Richter, A. ; Fey, D.

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

A toolkit for 3D-gesture and speech dialog in automotive enviroments

Meyer, W. ; Wolff, M.

BTU Cottbus

Verhaltenssteuerung einer universellen kognitiven Benutzerschnittstelle anhand einer Heizungssteuerung

Ranzenberger, T. ; Hacker, C. ; Gallwitz, F.

Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, TH Nürnberg

Integration of a Kaldi Speech Recognizer into a Speech Dialog System for automotive infotainment applications